salem in october

We went to the Salem Haunted Happenings Grand Parade tonight. Most of my photos are blurry, but some of them are fun anyway. I think the best part was likely the East Beverly All-Star Lawn Chair Drill Team, as always, but the band playing industrial goth covers of 80s songs was also made of win. […]

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thoughts on nanowrimo for 2010

This is, most likely, going to be the first time in eight years that I won’t be participating in National Novel Writing Month. I might decide to be insane and do it anyway, because I have an unholy love of the word count meter, but I really shouldn’t. I’m going to have editor notes by […]

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flax-golden tales: songs & sugar

songs & sugar She was a musician. He was a baker. She spoke in notes and rhythm and tone. He expressed himself in carefully measured flour and clouds of buttercream. Everyone said they wouldn’t last. They came from different places, spoke different languages. But that did not matter. They found the places where their lexicons […]

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