in lieu of a post that was not a post, books.

I seriously just spent a considerable amount of time writing a post that was mostly little bits of things and also a list of things that I am going to post about in upcoming proper posts and then there was some sort of draft-saving internet hiccup and now that post has vanished.

So, as I do not have time to rewrite it today, I instead give you a fraction of that missing post in the form of the pile of unintentionally color-coordinated books I bought today. I blame the fact that the text in Sacré Bleu is actually blue for ending up with a very blue bunch of books.

2 Thoughts on “in lieu of a post that was not a post, books.

  1. I envy you your ability to read books. I’ve lost mine, apparently. Everything I pick up, I put down again. Can’t seem to get through anything.

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