Etsy tells me that “circus chic” is an up & coming trend.

Maybe I should hurry on up finishing my circus-themed novel, then. Not that it’s a traditional circus, but it probably would fall under the circus chic umbrella. Especially if it is a black & white striped umbrella.

It is so close to ready it is driving me vaguely crazy. I even know what I need to do to get it there, I have a list of notes and edits, it’s just a matter of taking that map in hand and pushing through to the end. I haven’t been in a good headspace for it for a few weeks but I’m feeling better about it, and I am sitting with my notes and my Scrivener documents and I know I can get there.

It’s so much bigger than a painting. I still have trouble switching from artist brain to writer brain while still letting one influence the other, and I think the main disconnect is that I can see the entire canvas at once when I look at it. Looking at a 300 page manuscript is different, it makes it harder to see which sections are underpainted, which are overpainted and which are just fine the way they are.

But I’m getting there, even though it’s been a very long road. Perhaps I should buy some circus chic items on Etsy to keep myself in the circus mood. Or maybe I need popcorn.

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