night circus cover

I’m on a train surrounded by fog & trees. I’ve had an adventurous couple of days which I will describe in detail later, but for now, in case you haven’t seen it elsewhere in the wilds of the internet, this is the cover for THE NIGHT CIRCUS:


I said when I first saw a concept version it that it is nothing I ever would have pictured but I utterly adore it and this polished version is even lovelier. The art is by Helen Musselwhite, an amazing artist who works in hand cut paper. (I am in love with her floating island domes.)

And paper art is truly appropriate for the book.

4 Thoughts on “night circus cover

  1. Thank you for posting this Erin.
    It was a pleasure working on it (not to mention reading it before hand) as the story is so vivid and full of wonderful descriptions, an illustrators dream!
    I look forward to holding a copy my hands and reading it again soon.
    All best wishes

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