this is a PSA about mice

I should add this to the FAQ, so let’s put it in question mode:

Is there somewhere I can actually get chocolate mice?

Yes. Yes there is.

The chocolate mice in The Night Circus were inspired by the chocolate mice from L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolate.

(The main difference is that the ones in the book have licorice tails and the Burdick ones have ribbon tails and are also real.)

They look like this:

They come in three flavors: dark chocolate mice with an orange interior, milk chocolate with mocha, and white chocolate with cinnamon.

They also have chocolate penguins. And right now there are bunnies. And they have amazing hot chocolate.

There are locations in Walpole, New Hampshire, Boston & Cambridge, Massachusetts and NYC.

And they ship.

You’re welcome.

6 Thoughts on “this is a PSA about mice

  1. The hot chocolate is SO GOOD. You only ever need a small. Anything larger will cause your brain to implode from chocolate.

    So. Good.

  2. These truly are the BEST! I live in NH. I haven’t had the chance to visit the store here myself, but my wonderful husband has…and each time he does I get a wooden boxed filled with those delectable mice!
    Which reminds me…he hasn’t been there in awhile……

  3. ” … and are also real” that made me laugh, hard. I see these making an appearance at our Midnight dinners soon. Yeah for book themed parties.

  4. I’m drooling right now!!

    This seems so delicious. I’m a choco-addict and the three flavours sound SO delicious.
    Too bad I’m in Portugal. Too many miles aways from those little bits of paradise!

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