I have talked about the magic of Twitter here, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned the time a burlesque dancer I’d never met before asked me to tea.

I am shy. (She ended up having to ask twice if I recall correctly.) But I am slowly teaching myself to be more adventurous and after the initial introvert hesitation I agreed.

That’s how I found myself drinking tea in a 1920’s train car that I didn’t even know was in the middle of midtown Manhattan, having one of the most delightful afternoons I’d had in a very long time.


I am so very glad, because Veronica Varlow is one of the loveliest souls I have ever had the pleasure to meet & I have a feeling she will be my friend for a very long time.

So I’d like to try to send some magic back to her, if I can.

Veronica and her husband Burke (and their chihuahua Niney) are kickstarting the feature film they have been planning and preparing and pouring their dreams into for years, Revolver.

You can go to their kickstarter page to read and see lots more about the film (including their award-winning trailer) and follow their updates to see photos and videos from the road trip that they’ve been on for the past month while they’ve been fundraising.

But I want to put this video here, so you can see Veronica talk about why they’re doing this herself.

There are only a few days left, they need to reach their goal by or before this Friday November 15th, and they’re getting closer and closer, but they’re not there yet. The wonderful thing about crowdfunding is that little bits add up, so even a $2 donation can make a difference if enough people pledge.

(Also, they have some fabulous backer rewards. I’m getting a tarot reading with Veronica that I’m very much looking forward to.)

So, maybe we can spread some magic and make some dreams come true and on top of that, we’ll get to have more wonderful art in the world.

I think that would be lovely.


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