I am mostly better. I say this because I can actually get out of bed and I can speak normally in between coughing fits. I am also very tired most of the time.

I miss cocktails. And wine. And deep breaths.

I keep having to cancel restaurant reservations which makes me sad because when I was super sick I thought “2 weeks away! I’ll be better by then!” and now no, not so much. Well, better but better does not equal healthy.

I also haven’t been able to work all that well since my head is all cloudy, but somewhere in the super-delirious fever-y stage I figured out one of the things that’s been bothering me about the novel-in-progress. So that’s something. I’m not sure how to fix it yet, and I hadn’t really planned on basically losing two weeks of working on it, but it’s something.

So, I will be healing more and locking myself away in my writing cave. For the next few weeks the blog will likely be all photo posts all the time in between flax-goldens. Which will probably be more interesting than all the illness-related babbling.

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