happy & new

I have sparkling pinot noir and whiny kittens. We had sushi earlier and watched Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo & Juliet and now there is only a measly half an hour left of 2008.

2008 was a weird, tumultuous sort of year and I’m not entirely sure I liked it. It wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t all that fab, either. Ah well. Past is past.

And if the 2009 outlook tarot reading I just did is any indication, it is going to be a very, very interesting year.

Happy & New.


We have lots of snow! Later I am going to bake cookies and then tomorrow is Yule and there will be presents and candles and solstice. Well, solstice first, since I think technically that’s at 7am my time.

And then more cookies. And possibly martinis.

Merry merry. With snow and joy and peace and all that lovely stuff spread over top like icing.

things you find when you’re not looking for anything

We went for a walk this morning because the weather is beautiful and the leaves are mostly fallen in piles of yellow and red and orange on the ground. It is bright and sunny but breezy, and we decided to walk longer than we usually do. Instead of stopping somewhere around Pickering Wharf we wandered further down Derby Street, past the House of Seven Gables and down near the Salem Ferry.

Why was I unaware that there is a house covered in magical statues and creatures and contraptions near the Salem Ferry?

It is marvelous. There are birds made from horseshoes and sea serpents fashioned from iron and rope. Creatures fashioned from driftwood and metal. I was very glad I had decided to bring my camera.

I love this city. There are more photos (and also photos of leaves and pumpkins) on my Flickr photostream.

there will be time, there will be time

I have been meaning to post here for days and keep getting distracted. The time gets away from me, I get distracted by a hundred things. I wonder where the day went, and then the week. Tricksy time, going ever onward without stopping. Apologies. Here is a picture of birdies to make up for it.

Salem Hallowe’en was something, as usual. We wandered around downtown in late afternoon and then came home before it got too too busy. I sort of immediately fell into NaNoWriMo and forgot about a lot of other things (I still have stuff to put on Etsy that needs to be photographed) but that’s ok. Am just under 15k right now. I’ve been considering going for 75k instead of 50k but that might be too much for one month. Maybe.

Spent the last 24 hours or so going from anxious to bouncy to elated and there was far too much candy and wine involved. Kind of tired today, but still happy. Need to get back to novelling and other stuff but history unfolding in front of one’s eyes is a teensy bit distracting. I am sad about some of the state-by-state decisions, particularly in California, but the good outweighs the bad.

I love that Cute Overload is taking suggestions on what kind of puppy Sasha and Malia should get. I vote Corgi, myself.

I am happy and hopeful. I am enjoying writing my NaNovel. I like that outside my window everything is falling leaves and nicely gray skies. Warm fuzzies and tea.


It is only my second October in Salem, and last year we were still in unpacking mode so we didn’t really have the time to stop and look around enough. It’s fun, though I think my favorite part is all the technicolor trees. We were severely lacking in trees living in Boston.

Went for a walk today and took a lot of photos. Wasn’t really planning to, just brought the camera on an excursion for bread. Came home breadless, alas, but did get some great photos and a pumpkin spice latte. Best of the photos are now on my Flickr photostream. Also met a cat named Maleek who enjoyed pets on the head (you can see him on the photostream, too).

Finished the tarot sevens. Am pondering my plot or lack thereof for NaNoWriMo now that it’s only days away. I am feeling a bit like I’m in a holding pattern, waiting for the rest of 2008 to tumble into writing and holidays and then fall into 2009. I am taking some time to enjoy the scenery.