this is not a FAQ part the second

Okay, this took longer to put together than I’d intended but here is Part II of the not really a proper Frequently Asked Questions extravaganza. This is more about me and miscellaneous things than about writing, thus the title. Part II: Not On Writing  I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night? Let me […]

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FAQ addendum & a kitten

I had wanted to have Part II of the Not-A-FAQ done by now but I had a document saving hiccup and got busier than I’d expected so it’s still in progress. It will hopefully be posted sometime next week. However! I have made an addendum with some additional questions and hopefully appropriate answers over on […]

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this is not a FAQ, part the first

Okay, this is how we’re going to do this. This is not a real Frequently Asked Questions. Maybe it will be eventually, but for now it will be a work in progress. This shall be Part I: On Writing. (There will be a Part II: Not On Writing soon.) I will eventually put together a real […]

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