boring, with computer & kitten.

I have had this update window open for hours. I can’t decide if I have nothing to say or too much to boil down to a proper post. I went from being crazy busy to not busy at all last week, so of course I managed to get a head cold. And now I’m busy […]

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5 things for august 5th

Nathan Bransford’s post on  “Lost” and the High Narrative Price of WTF. Nails a lot of my lingering LOST issues. My new Droid Incredible is my friend. My fancypants friend who confuses me with all its skillz & I’m still learning to type on properly, but I love love love having a phone that does […]

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on working and technology

After almost a month of questionable network connectivity and trying everything we could think of to fix it, our Time Capsule (Apple wireless base station/backup device) was declared dead at the Apple Store yesterday. They gave us a new one. The network is now much, much happier and back to being quick like a bunny, […]

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