on research and museums

I don’t really research. I was asked at a book event once how much research I did for The Night Circus and I responded “I didn’t research, I made things up.” I think people clapped. It’s true, I mostly just make things up. For the circus I would occasionally check to make sure certain elements […]

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on time and the not having of it

This post has been a long time coming and I suppose that’s fitting, since it’s mostly about not having time to write. Apparently that includes proper blog posts. Though this is not a proper blog post, this is a long rambling thing about what my life has been like lately. I am not saying this […]

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small things

Met a small cat with no name today. She is a sweetheart, kind of crazy and kind of sweet and likes to lick fingers with her sandpaper tongue. I meant to take my camera and completely forgot, but she was a bit too quick for photo ops anyway. She’s mostly white with a fair amount […]

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unintentional productivity

So, rather than working on anything I’d meant to work on today, I came up with a new project and spent most of my day playing around with ideas for it. Because what I really needed was a new project. But I like this one! It has the potential to be really fun and something […]

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