I am feeling remarkably proactive and productive today, which is odd for a Tuesday though not so odd for a waxing moon. I have spent today organizing writing things, and I now have a large color-coded chart of the novel hanging above the desk, which will hopefully help keep me motivated and prevent things from getting overwhelming. (I only have 12 unfinished/unwritten vignettes out of 40, which is quite something, really.)

So, pictures of kittens!

While sitting at my desk if I look to my left this is what I usually see:

This is Tessa, sleeping on the file box I keep art prints in. It has been her napping spot of choice when I’m in the studio for awhile now. She gets very irate when I have to move her.

And this is Bucket, sitting on the floor behind me. Though she is not hiding in difficult-to-photograph places today, she is still a bit camera shy. Or possibly just doesn’t like Radiohead.

They are lovely, fluffy things even though they are not terribly helpful.


Paul · August 9, 2008 at 5:12 am

I love the fact that they’re both in there with you. Do they follow you around, to whichever room you’re in? Mine do. Silly things.

Well done with your organising-ness. That chart sounds really useful!

erin · August 12, 2008 at 12:08 pm

They do follow me around, unless they’re very much asleep somewhere else when I change rooms. I just came into the studio today and I’m not entirely sure where Tess is, and Bucket is overly fond of the bathmat at the moment.

They’ll wander in here eventually, I’m sure.

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