nine things for the ninth day of the ninth month

I sent my completed revisions back to Agentland last week. My revisions did not reach Agentland last week, due to the inconsistent wonderment that is the internet. I blame Mercury in stupid, stupid retrograde. Revisions are safe & sound in Agentland now, for real & for true. Instead of being a normal person & taking […]

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flax-golden tales: preamble to an unwritten fairy tale

preamble to an unwritten fairy tale She buys the rose from a traveling merchant selling all manner of wares, likely plundered from pirates or stolen from other more reputable merchants. A twitchy sort of man, glancing nervously over his shoulders and ready to pack up his cart at any moment. Normally, she would not do […]

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beyond revisionland & also an albino squirrel

I am out of Revisionland for the moment. Beyond Revisionland looks an awful lot like Revisionland, but Septembery. I spent most of last week finishing & polishing & re-polishing. I’ve lost all perspective, which is usually a sign that I need to stop looking at it for awhile, so it’s gone off to Agentland. I […]

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