flax-golden tales: the magic number

the magic number Math has never been my strong suit, but I do love numbers individually when they don’t require addition or subtraction or complex calculations. When they can just be what they are and not change. When I learned them in school I gave them all personalities. 4 was the peacemaker. 6 had an […]

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now we are thirty-three.

It seems like an auspicious sort of age. So far it is raining, but I am rather fond of rain.

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links in lieu of actual post.

I am still in post-moving recovery mode. There are lots of cardboard boxes involved. It is also my birthday tomorrow. So I will still be internet-light for a bit while I’m settling in and turning thirty-three and all. In the meantime, here are some Night Circus related interview-y articles to peruse: Word & Film: Coming […]

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flax-golden tales: sunken ships and siren songs

sunken ships & siren songs They say the sea is filled with nothing but claw-snapping creatures and danger. That it should be avoided at all costs, that it is something to fear. I can’t be certain, but I think they’re wrong. I have glimpsed gardens of coral through rippling waves, explored stately sunken ships in […]

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