Today is my half birthday. I am 33 and a half. I usually say I should have half a cake, which we would sometimes have when I was growing up as my sister and I have nearly exactly six month apart birthdays (her proper, not-half birthday is on Tuesday) and that way there was less cake-based birthday jealousy.

I thought about just getting myself a cupcake but instead I made gluten-free brownies, added an extra egg to make them more cake-y and crumbled caramel-filled chocolates both mixed in and on top and then sprinkled the whole thing with sea salt for good measure.

So I have half-birthday chocolate salted caramel brownies and new Downton Abbey later and I am a fairly happy pumpkin, as 33-and-a-half year-old pumpkins go.

I am taking a pseudo internet hiatus this week so I can catch up on things and read noir novels and regroup and hopefully get some actual writing done. I’ll also be working on two long involved posts that will likely end up being a combined FAQ-esque thing. I’ll be checking personal email but little to no Twitter and no blogging save for Friday’s flax-golden (though I’ll be doing some blog-related housecleaning, still not sure where all the comments from the beginning of December went) and no wasting away my time in the wilds of the internet.

So I’ll be around but not as around as usual, I guess is the point. This is mostly to keep myself from wasting time watching cute cat videos and online shopping. (I will be making an exception for BPAL‘s impending Lupercalia update, though, of course.) I probably didn’t even need to tell you this as it won’t be all that obvious a hiatus but I wanted to share about the brownies and figured I’d mention it.

And now I’m babbling so I am going to go nibble on brownies and try not to feel old.

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