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flax-golden tales: always darjeeling

April 13th, 2012 by erin

always darjeeling

It’s not that good a trick, really.

There are ooohs and aaahhs when I show someone who hasn’t seen it before, but only the first time.

After the second time they complain that I can’t do it with anything else.

Like it’s not that impressive to draw something in chalk and have it become real once the drawing is complete since I can only do it with teacups.

Even though the teacups materialize with actual tea inside.

But the tea will only be hot if I draw the steam, and I have to draw lots of it in order to obtain proper tea-drinking temperature.

I usually don’t drink it, anyway.

It’s never sweetened, even if I draw sugar cubes.

And it’s always Darjeeling.

No matter how much I wish for Earl Grey.


About flax-golden tales. Photo by Carey Farrell. Text by Erin Morgenstern.


10 Responses to “flax-golden tales: always darjeeling”

  1. Shannon says:

    Wow, this story actually made me smile from ear to ear! Darjeeling is my favourite anyways :)

  2. brianne says:

    mm, yes please. a cup would be nice today.

  3. Veronica says:

    And now I think I’m going to have to make tea, even though it’s late and I have to wake up early. Earl Grey with some ginger cookies from Trader Joe’s…

  4. Brittney says:

    I love it… like always.

  5. Victoria says:

    As if Simon is all grown up and his land of chalk drawings is a bitter sweet memory.

  6. Lisa Ahn says:

    I love this — so much story in so few words. Makes me smile.

  7. Marcheline says:

    Seriously, though. It does seem like the things we’re best at do us the least service. Unless you count writing fantastic novels about magical circuses, of course. 8-)

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