So in the process of moving the site to a new server something got… grumpy with my wordpress theme and it seems the theme support has vanished from the internet and I have managed to make it functional if less pretty for the moment.

I’ll be spending the evening trying to either make it less grumpy or find a new theme (suggestions welcome – something minimal & customizable) and also eating ice cream.


Also! This means my site-based email is down, rah.

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Cindy a.k.a. crichardwriter · April 25, 2012 at 10:22 am

Hi Erin, I know what you mean about the support function being really difficult – I just went through setting up my blog on WordPress, and it was hard to get answers back when I ran into snafus. I switched to a the theme Twenty Eleven; it seems to have a similar layout to yours. If you would like to check out mine, the address is Good luck with setting up your site.

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