flax-golden tales: do-it-yourself centerpieces

do-it-yourself centerpieces

I worry that they won’t get it.

I half-heartedly ask if maybe we should include instructions but everyone frowns.

But I’m relieved when the consensus is no.

And still a teensy bit concerned that they won’t know what to do.

Or worse, that they will find it silly.

We place the bouquets of white flowers at the center of each white-covered table.

We make sure the crayons are close enough to the flowers to be clearly connected.

When the guests arrive there are whispered questions and curious glances that are soon are replaced with thoughtful color choosing and tentative experimenting.

The delighted laughter follows.

Before long blooms burst with color on every table.


About flax-golden tales. Photo by Carey Farrell. Text by Erin Morgenstern.

6 Thoughts on “flax-golden tales: do-it-yourself centerpieces

  1. You know, that would be a great idea at an outdoor wedding! Paper tablecloths and crayons, and let guests decorate, sign, leave well-wishes… later they could be trimmed, arranged into a collage, and framed for memories! Or put into a scrapbook! Or…. or…. or…

  2. Loved Loved Loved your Novel!!!! Made all life feel wonderfully mystical and full of endless possibility. I am a fabric artist, who long ago went to fashion design school (also big into nature /spirituality) – the images, fabrics, textures, colors as well as the emotion – So moving and rich….. I was hoping there would be a dozen other novels to read (by you).
    Perfect for a MOVIE!!! SO visually stunning thru out.

    Thank You!

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