My life is all cardboard boxes and interior decorating at the moment, so you get a random post of randomness today. As I mentioned on Twitter earlier this week, someday I will write a post about how The Night Circus is not Young Adult and it will probably have thoughts about what that means and categorizing books by intended audience and how I think that’s kind of unfair both to books and to Adults of the Young and Old variety, but today is not that day because I have looked at too many area rugs this week and my brain is messy, busy trying to figure out what shade of green tarragon is and whether or not it will coordinate with teal chairs.

Unpacking is taking a lot longer than the packing, partially because I had hired help with the packing and partially because there’s more stuff needed to round out the space here, like rugs in herb-named shades of green, so beyond the cardboard boxes there’s also shopping and it’s like a puzzle, trying to find the right new things to blend both with my old things and the space itself.

(There is likely a writing analogy about revising here and if my brain were up to it I’d probably find it, because I do so love an analogy.)

It’s fun, because I like puzzles, but it’s also a bit overwhelming what with options and choices and I currently have a desk but no desk chair and a lot of the books are still in piles because the new shelf won’t arrive for a couple of weeks.

I have a poster I need to get framed and the dishwasher is broken and I can’t figure out whether I just don’t know where I packed the AA batteries or there weren’t any left pre-move to be packed. I need new lightbulbs.

I feel a bit at sea, though it is a cozy sort of sea, and it is taking me longer to get the place shipshape than I had anticipated, but that’s okay. The cardboard is slowly dwindling. Someday soon I will have a chair and in the meantime there’s still the couch.

Eventually I will have a tarragon and bone rug which sounds like a morbidly lovely thing to have (or a soup) and the apartment ship will be seaworthy. I really was not expecting this boat analogy and I suspect the analogy pirates were here. I warned you that my brain is messy.

Sooner or later I will have a new routine for the new space, and I will have time to work and write and maybe even catch up on the large backlog of email and write proper blog posts with proper analogies in them.

Today is not that day.

(Today is, however, the anniversary of Dashiell Hammett’s death, National Bittersweet Chocolate Day, and my dearest darling sister’s birthday. Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Kerry!)

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