this is a random post of randomness and links

I’ve had an insanely busy week and I was going to write a long involved post about cocktails with photos and things but I just don’t have time. So that will be forthcoming. Soonish. In the meantime, randomness collected in themeless post form. Mostly links. I really liked this piece about The Importance of Endings […]

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My life is all cardboard boxes and interior decorating at the moment, so you get a random post of randomness today. As I mentioned on Twitter earlier this week, someday I will write a post about how The Night Circus is not Young Adult and it will probably have thoughts about what that means and […]

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parenthetical-laden post of not-terribly-thinky thoughts that amount to the erinland state of the nation

Hi internet, I avoided you for a little while and I forgot to tell you first. Sorry about that. I’m also sorry I am still lacking in time for proper blog posts that involve thinky thoughts and not just quick updates and occasional kitten photos (warning: this post will not contain kitten photos as kittens […]

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conveniently inconvenient

My refrigerator is broken. Yesterday while I was making my tea I happened to open the freezer (I don’t even remember what I was looking for, there wasn’t much in there other than frozen fruit and vanilla vodka) and discovered that my ice cube trays were full of water rather than ice. And the water […]

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bringing the randomness to the new blog

I am getting worse at making myself work, I think. Either that or I have always been this bad and I am just becoming more self-aware. I know that I work in fits and starts and I have lulls, but I seem to be lulling more often than not lately. I have had a couple […]

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