there will be time, there will be time

I have been meaning to post here for days and keep getting distracted. The time gets away from me, I get distracted by a hundred things. I wonder where the day went, and then the week. Tricksy time, going ever onward without stopping. Apologies. Here is a picture of birdies to make up for it. […]

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It is only my second October in Salem, and last year we were still in unpacking mode so we didn’t really have the time to stop and look around enough. It’s fun, though I think my favorite part is all the technicolor trees. We were severely lacking in trees living in Boston. Went for a […]

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reading pile, october 2008

I am mostly in a fog of edits and adjustments on the novel, trying to get it in the best shape possible before it goes off to a handful of very lovely beta readers next week. I’ve noticed I tend to read less when I’m busy with writing things, so I’m attempting to rectify that. […]

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conveniently inconvenient

My refrigerator is broken. Yesterday while I was making my tea I happened to open the freezer (I don’t even remember what I was looking for, there wasn’t much in there other than frozen fruit and vanilla vodka) and discovered that my ice cube trays were full of water rather than ice. And the water […]

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curiouser and curiouser

First blog posts are always difficult. This one is especially problematic since I’m not entirely sure what I want this blog to be just yet. At least it looks pretty. I have been blogging in various forms for several years, though this is my first WordPress endeavor and I am vaguely overwhelmed with shininess and […]

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