not really here.

I’m still on hiatus! Really! But I’m doing some blog housecleaning and I had things to share so you get a mini-post. Figures I post more than normal when I’m on hiatus. Firstly, Kyle Cassidy is a splendid photographer and once upon a time he caused me to buy a fountain pen that was used […]

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fountain pen number two

Remember back in March when I got my very first vintage fountain pen? I’ve been trolling Etsy vintage for pens since then (well, pens & train cases & bowler hats,) but nothing’s really caught my eye & budget at the same time until this past week. So now I have a second vintage fountain pen.  […]

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this is kyle cassidy’s fault

I don’t actually know Kyle Cassidy but I admire his photography and I read his blog and I covet his coffin coffee table. A few weeks back he held a contest on his blog giving away some of his fountain pens to penless writers, and to participate you had to take photos of your journals […]

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