psa part two (with bonus elephant)

Okay, my web guru did some magic things and it appears everything is back in working order complete with classic theme, hurrah! At some point I’ll likely end up redoing the whole site anyway, but for now it works.

Email is also working (though I’m still way behind on replies) and I may have lost some comments in all the construction, my apologies for that.

I appreciate your patience and in thanks I share a picture of my new elephant:



So in the process of moving the site to a new server something got… grumpy with my wordpress theme and it seems the theme support has vanished from the internet and I have managed to make it functional if less pretty for the moment.

I’ll be spending the evening trying to either make it less grumpy or find a new theme (suggestions welcome – something minimal & customizable) and also eating ice cream.


Also! This means my site-based email is down, rah.


The end of Revisionland is in sight. There’s something bright up ahead that looks like September, maybe. I can’t tell.

Taking a mini internet hiatus for the week in an attempt to finish this thing. Still checking e-mail. Will be back on Friday.

We’re working hard around here.

Especially Tessa.

Hope y’all have lovely weeks!

unplugging, sort of

I’m taking this week off from the internet. Mostly. I’ll be checking my e-mail but that’s about it.

Originally I’d intended to do this in order to cocoon myself into the Revisionland Hotel and get large amounts of stuff done rather than little bits and pieces.

Now I have the added bonus of also trying to rid myself of a horrendous head cold that’s been making me a miserable monkey all weekend. I hardly ever get sick and I don’t even remember the last time I felt this ill. My ears hurt.

So I shall be crawling into cups of tea and gargling with cayenne pepper (it works, seriously) and I will be back on Friday with flax-goldens.

If you need me for anything or the internet blows up or you want to send me virtual vitamin C, feel free to e-mail me.

Love & kisses,