monday miscellany

It is the first day of Spring! It is snowing. Seriously. It is also Bucket’s birthday! Bucket is 8 years old today. She has no comment on her birthday snow. She also has the same birthday as Bach, Gary Oldman, and Twitter. We (not including Bucket) spent yesterday in South Boston for the St. Patrick’s […]

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the rain sounds cold

It is raining. Or hailing. Or some other sort of frozen rainesque thing that is turning all the fallen slow to heavy wet slush.  I should probably invest in some new boots. For now I am hibernating, in the warmth with my tea and a pile of new books.  I am slowly but surely getting […]

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thunder and charts

It’s raining again, thundering and dark. I have lived in Massachusetts all my life and I don’t remember ever having a summer this stormy. I do love a summer storm, but this is kind of insane. It is nicely moody, though, even when the thunder frightens the kittens. I made a chart for the novel. […]

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