It’s cold outside, but we bought flowers to make the inside more springy.

This little potted ranunculus that’s now living in a blue glass goblet, and some snapdragons.

I have Cadbury Mini-Eggs, the true sign of spring.

And I’m having computer network issues that I am ignoring in favor of chocolate & flowers & springtime.

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Paul · March 21, 2009 at 11:19 am

Pretty flowers! And those are lovely photos, too. I’m a few hours late, but happy spring equinox! The weather’s been beautifully sunny here, but, yes, *cold*! I almost wore a scarf early this morning.

Mmmm, mini-eggs. I’ve just finished my current packet. Woe! Next week, I’ll have to buy two.

I hope you can sort out your network issues…

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