Because Tumblr & Instagram have been getting all the photos lately.

high line flowersFlowers on the High Line.

bloodmilk locketMy latest piece of gorgeous bloodmilk jewelry. Rose gold, and it’s a locket, too.

parker penNewest fountain pen acquisition (this is how I know I’m in writing mode, new fountain pens and photo blog posts).

Also I seem to be quite fond of rose gold lately.

vanishing actSpotted this gorgeous cover from across the bookshop and then realized it was my much-loved The Vanishing Act.

I adore this cover. More evocative than the hardcover, I think.

mini sugarsAnd last but not least, in celebration of International Fluevog Day, these are my Mini Sugar boots.

(It is not the easiest thing in the world to take a picture of your own boots.)


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