flax-golden tales: buoyant solidarity

buoyant solidarity I like to let my balloons go. Release the string and let them fly. They clearly want to fly. I know, it’s bad for the environment. They likely end up broken and sad, tangled in trees. But I hope that they don’t. I hope they fly towards each other. Lost balloons and released […]

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flax-golden tales: safe passage

safe passage The train is the only safe passage through the forest. The conductors are armed and trained in combat should there be any… incidents. (It is a rare journey that passes without incident.) Looking out the window is inadvisable. Not because of what you might see, but what might see you. There are things […]

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flax-golden tales: the magic business

the magic business My father says the secret is making the audience think there’s a trick when there isn’t, really. The magic business is all about misdirection and flashy handkerchiefs and sparks because real magic is boring if you let people see it without all the flashy stuff over top. People pay for tickets to […]

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flax-golden tales: simple as kisses

simple as kisses People say he used to be a prince. Probably because it seems appropriate and romantic, traditional for tales about frogs. Neighborhood girls dare each other to creep through the brush into the yard, to tangle the ropes of his swing or kiss the top of his green, frozen head. They run off […]

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