I have the best friends. Dearest darling Clovia sent me Mr Clement Lapins. They are like perfect little rêveurs, they even came with the scarves!*   *The hardcore circus fans wear red scarves.

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kung hei fat choi

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Rabbit! So long, Tiger! Hello, BUNNY! So far The Year of the Bunny is already fabulous, with shiny things arriving in the mail and packing materials for kittens to jump in and actual sunshine! Hurrah! (This New Year greeting is brought to you by my Jellycat Bashful Bunny. […]

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finished bunnies & suggestions welcome

The Phantomwise Tarot 10s are done, remarkably ahead of schedule. You can see the set in the tarot minors gallery on or over here on my art-based LiveJournal. Someday I might combine that blog with this one. Today is not that day. Here are the finished bunnies, in bookish tea party glory: I kind […]

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