october things


The end of September went by very quickly because my new niece decided she wanted to be a September baby and not an October baby as scheduled so she was early, but she is also adorable. I have already started buying her all sorts of books.

One of my very favorite authors from when I was young passed away yesterday, Zilpha Keatley Snyder wrote a great many books but my favorites were The Headless Cupid and The Egypt Game. I loved The Egypt Game so much I used to build temples in my backyard. I should do that again if I ever have a backyard.

I will be at New York Comic Con this weekend but I am not doing anything official. I will be flouncing around in a corset and wandering aimlessly and looking for the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab booth and possibly buying comics. If you see me, feel free to say hello.

This upcoming Monday is October 13th, which is of course the anniversary of opening day of the circus. To celebrate I thought I might do something I rarely do over on Tumblr & retumble some of the gorgeous circus-inspired stuff that’s floating around over there. (True confession: I never look up circus things because it makes me weirdly shy and also just looking turns up good things and bad things and for every thing I’m glad to see there’s usually something that makes me sad so I just don’t do it. But I peeked the other day and there’s really too much gorgeous not to share.) So all day on Monday I will be retumbling circusy things on my tumblr page. I’ll try to remember to tag things, I’m bad at tagging.

I haven’t been apple picking yet this year. I shall have to rectify that soon. Mostly I am writing a lot and wondering why this year insists on going by so quickly.

tumblr & yarn

So I asked Twitter if I should have a tumblr since it’s the one other social media thingamajig that intrigues me and the general consensus was that it would eat all my time but I should have one anyway, so I do now even though I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. I suspect it will take me a while to get the hang of it.

It can be found at the likely guessable address of http://erinmorgenstern.tumblr.com

Right now it’s just lucky cats and poetry but I suspect there will be more stuff, particularly things from Instagram and will likely be a good in-between betwixt Twitter & here for things that are too big for tweets but too insubstantial for here. Not that we stay all that substantial over here. Have yet to decide if flax-golden tales will be cross-posted.  I might pull old ones to feature over there, since there’s a lot of them now. (This week’s will be #191)

I also believe I promised a picture of the scarf I had been working on forever that’s the first thing I’ve knit in ages.

new noro scarf

It’s several different variegated Noro yarns striped in a 1×1 rib pattern because I am a knitting masochist and also I like knitting things that look cool but don’t require much math or counting.

In other news, I am finally almost to the point of being caught up with things and unpacked that I’d wanted to be at the end of January, so that’s something. I am having ideas about things and generally in one of those buzzy moods that comes from being extra creative and also eating too many Cadbury mini-eggs. Went to the Morgan Library over the weekend and saw their lovely Drawing Surrealism exhibit and it jostled my imagination in just the way I’ve been itching for something to jostle it.

So I have a sugar & surrealism infused brain and a scarf and a tumbly tumblr and almost all of my furniture (my teal chairs are being held hostage) and somehow it is March. All strange but all good, I suppose.