ear candy for you, with a message

Wil Wheaton has a post on his blog today about Zoë Keating, and how NPR used her music without permission or credit. I discovered Zoë’s music last year via Amanda Palmer (she’s featured on a couple tracks of Amanda’s solo album) and fell instantly head over heels in love. Here, watch & listen:     […]

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the circus is coming

Etsy tells me that “circus chic” is an up & coming trend. Maybe I should hurry on up finishing my circus-themed novel, then. Not that it’s a traditional circus, but it probably would fall under the circus chic umbrella. Especially if it is a black & white striped umbrella. It is so close to ready […]

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editing again

We had a very productive weekend. In between movie going and cleaning and making fried rice the boy and I sat down and figured out how to address all the problems in the novel. I now have a list of additions and edits to make and I’m very very happy about it. It’s a substantial […]

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the mouse circus alone is worth the price of admission

We went to see Coraline this morning. I have been looking forward to this for ages, I adore the book and I adore Henry Selick so the combination of the two made me downright giddy with anticipation. (I even painted Coraline-inspired art while I was impatiently waiting for the film to be released.) It is […]

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