ear candy for you, with a message

Wil Wheaton has a post on his blog today about Zoë Keating, and how NPR used her music without permission or credit.

I discovered Zoë’s music last year via Amanda Palmer (she’s featured on a couple tracks of Amanda’s solo album) and fell instantly head over heels in love. Here, watch & listen:



She does fancy digital loops of her cello and creates this gorgeous, layered one-woman symphony. She should be in Apple ads or something, for all their fusion of music and technology.

Wil has more info on the NPR stuff including quotes from Zoë. I hope it was an honest oversight and that they’ll rectify it, and I hope through the wonder of the internet and word of mouth more people will discover a wonderful musician.

You can buy Zoë Keating’s music on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, or from her website. I have both the full album and the EP and I listen to them often, they are phenomenal and I highly recommend them for music while writing, painting, or doing whatever artistic endeavor suits your fancy. They’re also brilliant for simply sitting & listening, too.

Listen, buy, spread the word.

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