august internet hiatus & magicians

I am taking the entire month of August off from the internet.  What this means: no blog posts, no twitter unless important information sharing, no tumblr. I am shutting off the wifi connection on my laptop from tomorrow until Sept 1st. (I spend 90% of my computer time on the laptop.) I will be checking […]

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flax-golden tales: a not-quite-midnight picnic

a not-quite-midnight picnic We decide to have a midnight picnic with the moon but we leave early just after the sun goes to sleep so there will be enough light to see by to get there. We bring strawberries and honey and blue cheese and a bottle of red wine but we pack teacups instead […]

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now we are thirty-six

Today is my birthday. I suppose I am allowed to be thirty-six and still feel like I am just getting started, just beginning to figure things out, just happy and just married. Thank you again for all the wedding well-wishes on Twitter & Instagram, I wish I could respond to everyone personally but I can’t […]

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flax-golden tales: an entreaty before departure

an entreaty before departure It is almost time to go. Someday is, in fact, today. Time for departures and changes and brave new worlds. New sights and new sounds, new dreams and new shoes. Write yourself a note, to remember who you are. (It’s an easier thing to forget than you’d imagine.) Put your tray […]

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July 2nd, 2014

Adam and I got married at city hall this morning. I have always wanted a relationship that felt like the very end of Amélie & I actually found it. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

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