I really thought the shipping notice I got on Friday might have been an April Fool’s joke, but my iPad 2 actually arrived today! Pretty much right on schedule with the estimated 2-3 weeks from when I ordered it, though a bit ahead of the ship-by date it had listed for a good long while. […]

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I spent a large portion of the afternoon mesmerized by the shininess of the Apple iPad. Even though it has a horrible, horrible name. For about an hour I seriously considered getting one, since we were planning on replacing our MacBook later this year anyway and we don’t use it for that much. And it […]

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on working and technology

After almost a month of questionable network connectivity and trying everything we could think of to fix it, our Time Capsule (Apple wireless base station/backup device) was declared dead at the Apple Store yesterday. They gave us a new one. The network is now much, much happier and back to being quick like a bunny, […]

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