after the novels, after the teacups

I have been trying to think of things to post about, but I keep getting hung up on “I am sick of winter” and then I just want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a kitten and a cup of tea and scowl at the snow. I normally have a pretty […]

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nine things for the ninth day of the ninth month

I sent my completed revisions back to Agentland last week. My revisions did not reach Agentland last week, due to the inconsistent wonderment that is the internet. I blame Mercury in stupid, stupid retrograde. Revisions are safe & sound in Agentland now, for real & for true. Instead of being a normal person & taking […]

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summer in the revisionland hotel

I have extensive notes from my agent (my agent, yay!) in hand and I am gearing up to spend the next several weeks in the Revisionland Hotel. A summer of tiki torch nights and umbrella drinks and writing writing writing. And it will be writing writing writing, because more than “change this, take out that” […]

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days of tea & editing

I think I don’t post here as much as I likely should because my days are all very similar lately, a blur of tea and reading and writing and wishing it would be warm enough to open the windows. For instance, today I have mostly been sitting and re-working two sections from the novel, one […]

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i *heart* friday the 13ths

Two Friday the 13ths in a row! They are one of my favorite types of day. I got married on a Friday the 13th, which probably adds to the fondness, but I liked them before that, too. I’m wearing BPAL‘s latest 13 blend today, too. A sweet, comforting base of dark chocolate and brown sugar […]

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