happy giving of thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Hanukkah! Holiday greetings from warm climes with cold wine and no turkey! Cornish game hens with lemon and rosemary and white wine and garlic instead. They were an experiment but came out surprisingly well. I am Thankful for so many things this year. Too many to list. For those lovely souls who […]

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So the post-holiday post has been delayed until now because, as I mentioned on Twitter, my grandmother passed away last week. She was 95 years old and until recently was still going up & down her stairs in South Boston. It was not terribly unexpected but that does not make it any less sad and […]

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snowy solstice

We had our first snow of the season, finally! Started yesterday & continued overnight, which meant no late night lunar eclipse watching for us, sadness. Still, it’s nice to have the snow. I always love the first snow, when everything’s all bright & white & quiet. After it turns slushy, not so much love, but […]

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two holidays in one

Happy Valentine’s Day! and Happy Chinese New Year! Ring in the year of the Tiger with something heart-shaped. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

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Things I Am Thankful For in this, the last week of November in the year 2009 (an unnumbered list) Kittens. The husband, also known as the boy, also known as the bestest person I know. Chocolate. Lovely friends who live in my computer and listen to me babble about all manner of things via e-mail. (Particularly […]

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