tumblr & yarn

So I asked Twitter if I should have a tumblr since it’s the one other social media thingamajig that intrigues me and the general consensus was that it would eat all my time but I should have one anyway, so I do now even though I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. […]

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seasonally inappropriate

Hey, remember how about a month ago I promised photos of my new scarf that took me ages to knit? Apparently I’m just as slow at posting things as I am at knitting. Months ago now, one of my dearest far-away friends sent me a box of this gorgeous red wool eyelash yarn. I’m not […]

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knitting & tea & editing

I am not much of a knitter. I like the actual rhythm of knitting, I love pretty yarn. But I don’t absorb patterns well, so anything that requires a chart is usually too much for me. Also, I’m a slow knitter. I’ve been working on the same scarf for the boy for about a year. […]

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