tumblr & yarn

So I asked Twitter if I should have a tumblr since it’s the one other social media thingamajig that intrigues me and the general consensus was that it would eat all my time but I should have one anyway, so I do now even though I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. I suspect it will take me a while to get the hang of it.

It can be found at the likely guessable address of http://erinmorgenstern.tumblr.com

Right now it’s just lucky cats and poetry but I suspect there will be more stuff, particularly things from Instagram and will likely be a good in-between betwixt Twitter & here for things that are too big for tweets but too insubstantial for here. Not that we stay all that substantial over here. Have yet to decide if flax-golden tales will be cross-posted.  I might pull old ones to feature over there, since there’s a lot of them now. (This week’s will be #191)

I also believe I promised a picture of the scarf I had been working on forever that’s the first thing I’ve knit in ages.

new noro scarf

It’s several different variegated Noro yarns striped in a 1×1 rib pattern because I am a knitting masochist and also I like knitting things that look cool but don’t require much math or counting.

In other news, I am finally almost to the point of being caught up with things and unpacked that I’d wanted to be at the end of January, so that’s something. I am having ideas about things and generally in one of those buzzy moods that comes from being extra creative and also eating too many Cadbury mini-eggs. Went to the Morgan Library over the weekend and saw their lovely Drawing Surrealism exhibit and it jostled my imagination in just the way I’ve been itching for something to jostle it.

So I have a sugar & surrealism infused brain and a scarf and a tumbly tumblr and almost all of my furniture (my teal chairs are being held hostage) and somehow it is March. All strange but all good, I suppose.

seasonally inappropriate

Hey, remember how about a month ago I promised photos of my new scarf that took me ages to knit? Apparently I’m just as slow at posting things as I am at knitting.

Months ago now, one of my dearest far-away friends sent me a box of this gorgeous red wool eyelash yarn.

I’m not particularly good at following patterns, so I decided to turn it into a fairly basic scarf.

It’s actually more like a boa.

And now that it’s practically summer out (seriously, it was almost 90 here yesterday), I have finally gotten around to modeling it in dramatic sunshine for the interwebs.

red scarf

It proved rather difficult to photograph despite the helpful sunshine. You’re just going to have to trust me that it goes down to my knees.

I kind of love it. And of course, now it’s far too warm to wear it. I did wear it out once or twice in March, but it’ll have to wait until next year to get into heavy scarf rotation.

(For those of you who haven’t seen me in awhile: Yes, that is my hair. It is both that short and that straight.)

knitting & tea & editing

I am not much of a knitter. I like the actual rhythm of knitting, I love pretty yarn. But I don’t absorb patterns well, so anything that requires a chart is usually too much for me.

Also, I’m a slow knitter. I’ve been working on the same scarf for the boy for about a year. In my defense, it is 1×1 rib on size 5 needles. It’s gorgeous, but it is taking forever.

But I do finish things occasionally, and a couple weeks ago I knit myself another Calorimetry. I did one a couple years ago in this green Noro yarn that I had sitting around, but I never wear it since it doesn’t match anything. So this one I did in this grey/pink Malabrigo called Pinot.

It’s marvelous and it keeps my hair out of my face. I’m not one for full hats anyway (my hair is problematic, even at this length) so it is a good alternative headwarmer considering the never-ending winter wonderland. It’s sunny today, at least.

Back to the boy’s scarf again, knitting-wise. Someday it will be finished. Really.

In other news, I have e-mails to catch up on but my gmail is being cranky. I shall blame the full moon. I have Yorkshire Gold tea that I found at Whole Foods over the weekend and did a little happy dance in the tea aisle. I don’t know if they had it before, I’d looked a few months ago and didn’t find it, and this time it was hidden behind cinnamon sticks or some such. And I ordered a new tea mug, because I realized I didn’t have a special mug for, well, not for anything in particular other than tea, I just thought it would be nice to have something handmade. I’ll post pictures when I get it.

Editing today, and should be finished with my general editing within a couple of hours. I’ve been going through section by section doing minor edits and taking notes for major changes, and I’m on the last sections now. I have three that need overhauling and outlines for three or four additional ones. After that I think it should be done. It’s been sort of tedious but I think I’m making it better and stronger (and longer) than it was. But I’ll be glad when it’s finished and I can work on something else.