shiny objects

This is a belated post regarding a belated birthday present.

At the end of July my dearest darling friend Clovia Shaw sent me this as part of a belated birthday box of wonderment:

Yes, she made it, and it is even lovelier in person because shiny objects are rather difficult to photograph, especially when they are on your hand.

I tweeted this photo when I first got it and people asked where they could get one, and while mine was actually a test ring (she’s never made one before, believe it or not) you can purchase other shiny objects including fantastic door necklaces over at her Etsy store.

She also does custom work, I’m just sayin’. She might more rings if we ask nicely.

shiny objects

I had these fabulous intentions of doing an Etsy-o-rama post, with lots of pictures and links to some of my favorite shops, for ease of finding wonderful holiday giftage from wonderful sellers. It was going to be epic!

And then I kept forgetting. And when I remembered again my list kept getting too long and the amount of images and html got daunting and then I’d forget about it again. And it’s December 10th already, you say? Fancy that.

So what you get instead is an Ode to two of my very favorite Etsy shops that both happen to sell shiny objects. And we all know how I love me some shiny objects.

First there is The Copper Camel, which I have mentioned here before. I internet-know (that sounds dirty) the lovely proprietress through the more writing-centric wilds of the web. Beyond making beautiful copper jewelery she is an extremely talented writer as well, and I aspire to someday have a wit as sharp as hers. There should be wit sharpeners that work like pencil sharpeners. Or knife sharpeners.

This week she made me do the dance of shiny object joy with these:


They’re DOORS. Incredibly detailed, hand painted with teensy tiny brushes etched copper DOORS. Look at the Moroccan one up close. I mean, seriously.

I want all of them, of course. But I decided to be good and I just got the castle doors for starters. I cannot wait to see them in person and I can tell already that they will be something I wear all the time and layer with other things.

Each door in the above photos is available individually in her Etsy shop. Do yourself a favor and read her brilliant descriptions for all of them, too. Go forth and buy shiny copper wonderments.

Go. Shoo. Because I almost don’t want to share the other shiny object maker. But it will probably be good for my shopping karma, so I will.

I started buying gorgeous recycled vintage jewelry creations from SavageSalvage just over a year ago, when I found and had to have this bracelet. I have since amassed something of a collection. My most recent acquisition is this piece:


Yes it is even more gorgeous in person. I wore it the last time we went to Sleep No More and the witches really liked it. It got pawed a lot. Not that I’m complaining, those are some sexy witches over there.

I kind of stalk Steph’s Etsy store like a stalky thing, because so many of her designs are one of a kind. Really, I’m still not sure why I’m telling you about them and increasing my consumer competition. Maybe because Steph is a sweetheart who I’ve actually been lucky enough to get to know a bit and I want more people to wear her stuff and receive her gorgeous gift wrapping. (Giftwrapping I have repurposed into paintings myself. It’s like the Etsy circle of life of Art. Or something.)

Currently I’m coveting this piece and this piece and this piece. Because I have a problem and I need some sort of shiny object program with steps.

You have plenty of time to get some gorgeous holiday giftage from either of these wonderful, talented ladies for the lovers of unique, creative shiny things in your life. I’m just sayin’.