This is a belated post regarding a belated birthday present.

At the end of July my dearest darling friend Clovia Shaw sent me this as part of a belated birthday box of wonderment:

Yes, she made it, and it is even lovelier in person because shiny objects are rather difficult to photograph, especially when they are on your hand.

I tweeted this photo when I first got it and people asked where they could get one, and while mine was actually a test ring (she’s never made one before, believe it or not) you can purchase other shiny objects including fantastic door necklaces over at her Etsy store.

She also does custom work, I’m just sayin’. She might more rings if we ask nicely.

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River Stewart · August 16, 2012 at 7:25 pm

This is kinda unrelated to your blog post, but I have to talk about The Night Circus. Your novel touched me so deeply in so many ways. I have been through so much all of my life, the most recent struggle being my 2 year stint with a brain disorder called Arnold-Chiari Malformation Type I. It left me unable to even move my head without fainting, going blind, or having a near heart attack. On top of all that, I had a headache every day, every hour, every minute, every second of those 2 years that seemed like it took every single severe migraine anyone’s ever had and concentrated it into a cute little package that burst forth in my skull. I had lost pretty much all hope of even living past 18. But thanks to a kind surgeon, he fixed me up and now I have no issues. I’ve been depressed since my December surgery for unknown reasons, but your book has just drawn me out of that and now I truly feel that I can be back to being a normal 17 year old. I cannot thank you enough for that. Please write more novels like The Night Circus. Thank you so much,

    erin · August 17, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    I am often left at a loss for words when people tell me how much the book has meant but I’m not sure I’ve been quite as wordless as I am at the moment. Thank you so much for reading and for sharing, River, and you are, of course, extremely welcome for the circus. I am working on more novels, I promise.

    With sweet dream wishes,

      River Stewart · August 17, 2012 at 10:29 pm

      I am a published book review writer, and admittedly, it’s a very small, local newspaper, but I have reviewed your book. If you would, I would be honored of you read it and gave me your honest opinion.
      Here it is, Miss Morgenstern. I sincerely hope I have done your work of art the justice it deserves.

      The Night Circus
      Erin Morgenstern
      Amazingly detailed, fantastically wonderful, Erin Morgenstern delves deep into the realm of her readers’ minds to unleash the full potential of their imaginations. The Night Circus brings to life all five of the senses to combine into an amalgamation of life that flows from the pages and takes you by the hands to guide you through the subtleties of the most phantasmagorical circus on Earth.
      Brought together by a competition of unusual premises that had been going on long before they were born, they enrolled in the Night Circus to showcase their magical prowess and determine the winner. But, since not all things go as planned, the competitors come together, and from the moment they first touch, the spark they create within each other’s heart forever binds them together, far beyond the realms of the competition. As they fall deeper in love, they also dig deeper into the intricacies of the contest between them and discover that to win, one will have to do something that will leave the other broken and desolate.
      Full of the most precious kind of romance, and the most beautiful kind of magic, The Night Circus will leave readers full of suspense at every turn of the page, lasting up to the very end, still hungry for more, but happily content in the resolution that leaves everyone a winner. This is truly a book for the young and young at heart. I applaud Erin Morgenstern for her first novel.
      Review by River Stewart

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