I had a busy, marvelous weekend. Hallowe’en has exploded downtown already, with crowds & costumes & small dogs dressed like turtles. I had a caramel apple! And I made more apple goat cheese tartlets. And apple blackberry crisp. It was an apple-y sort of weekend.

We had company from out of town that came to see the craziness, along with a wonderful puppy who was not dressed as a turtle. We had a fabulous time.

And FYI, to anyone who might visit me in the future and be so kind as to bring me giftage: you have been preemptively outdone. Forever. Sorry.

Because I now have a vintage typewriter.

I have been occasionally petting it in between taking sexy typewriter photos. I have wanted a vintage typewriter for ages and now I have one of my very own because awesome people are awesome. I will likely pet it more than type on it, but that’s okay. It can sit on a table and look pretty & writerly.

It appears to be in decent working order, though a few of the keys are askew and it needs a new ribbon. Which I can order, because the internet is magical.

Also this weekend, my book contract arrived. I feel all official.

And now it is Monday, as it often is after weekends, and I am back to coffee & Revisionland.

And occasional typewriter petting.

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