cephalopods & hats

Hello internet, I was avoiding you all week, please don’t take it personally and if anything exciting happened in my absence please let me know.

Exciting thing I already heard about despite not being on the internet (much): The Night Circus was nominated for a Kitschie award which is delightful regardless but made even more delightful by cephalopod-y-ness. More awards should involve tentacles, truly.

In non-internet news, I have a top hat!

This fabulous hat was sent to me by the marvelous booksellers at The Booksmith in San Francisco. I love it because it actually fits my gigantic head even though it is quite difficult to photograph properly, I had to resort to laptop webcam photo which is not terribly dapper but you get the general impression. I am not smiling as much as I should be because I had been trying to get a proper photo on three different cameras but it is difficult under the best circumstances to take a decent photo of one’s own self and extra difficult when one is wearing a very tall hat. But thank you thank you thank you to my Booksmith darlings, you are more wonderful than my photographic skills can convey.

In other news I am working on long sprawling blog posts about Stuff and I will be at Newtonville Books in Newton, MA tomorrow at 2pm. I will probably not be wearing the top hat.

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  1. I also wear the largest size man’s hat they make (at least in vintage hats, which I collect)… and finding my top hat was indeed one of the highlights of my hat-finding career! Congratulations on yours, and glad it fits you. There’s nothing sadder than finding the perfect hat only to discover it’s too small/big.

    As for taking photos of yourself, there’s an easier way. You get a tripod (I actually have an extra one and would be happy to send it to you) and a digital camera with a delay setting (even the cheapie digitals have that feature). I’m not going to pretend that this method doesn’t take a lot of tries to get the perfect shot (I am very critical of photos of myself, more so than photos I take of other folks) but when you nail it, it’s grand!

    I took my tripod to Scotland with me both times I went, because I traveled by myself and wanted to be IN my pictures of Scotland, especially the castle Eilean Donan. Back then I was using a regular manual 35mm, but happily it still had the delay feature.

    Congrats on your award! I regularly sing your praises to all and sundry on my blog, and in comments on others’ blogs, in case anyone missed reading TNC.

    1. I have a tripod! Haven’t mastered the delay photo yet but I will keep that in mind next time I have photo difficulty, thank you.

  2. Greetings,
    I so loved your story and your hat quite fun. My book club has chosen your book for our January meeting this coming Friday, Jan 20. I already know this book will go down in our top ten best books. Wonder if you’ve created questions to be used for discussion groups.
    thanks for a beautiful story! Diana

      1. Thanks for the kind reply.
        You may choose to keep this to yourself, but wondering if you’d share who Mr. A.H. is in your vision? Celia tells her father that is not his name but one he wears…

  3. Big congrats on being nominated the Kitschie award!! THE NIGHT CIRCUS is an amazing book and definitely deserves to win such a unique award. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And that hat is fantastic!! Are you going to be wearing it everywhere now? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also – I know I already said this on Twitter (I’m NovelingMuggle), but welcome back to the internet! I hope you enjoyed your hiatus!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I am anxiously awaiting to devour this book (not literally, of course). It has been sitting on my bedside table for 2 weeks now taunting me. I have been much to busy as of late, can’t wait to read it! Loving your blog too!

    Much sincerely,
    A young writer/reader/lover of cats

  5. I bought your audiobook. Jim Dale does a fabulous job bringing your incredible story to life. I have listened to it 3 times. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry.

    I sincerely look forward to your next book.

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