november is for writing

Clearly, I fail at blogging during NaNo. This is probably not that surprising. But now there are pretty little wordcount widgets, look! Currently at 36k. Now have five different fairy tales (Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, The Six Swans, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, & Bluebeard) incorporated and twisted around into knots. I’m guessing that this […]

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the end is in sight

I’m in revisionland again, in case the radio silence hadn’t made that terrible obvious. I would like to take a moment to say that I have fabulous beta readers. They found the elusive things that were missing instantly, because they are brilliant. Everyone needs extra pairs of eyes to look at things from different angles, […]

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I am so close to the end of revisionland I could throw rocks at whatever land it is that lies beyond revisionland from here. Technically, I don’t have any more writing-writing left. But there is ordering and formatting and fun stuff like that between here and the point of done-done so it doesn’t feel finished […]

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creative messes

While I’ve been in revisionland I’ve been silently bemoaning how messy my writing process is. I’m not sure what I expect would be better, or less messy, but it seems to tend toward chaotic. I have handwritten notes scrawled sideways on paper in two different colors of pen. I have snatches of dialogue scrawled in […]

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