My hatbox came! Yay!

I have suddenly, without warning or reason, developed a minor obsession with vintage luggage. No idea why. Maybe because vintage pieces of luggage seem like they have so much story in them even when they’re empty. But hey, luggage is useful and I thought of several practical uses for this piece so I went ahead and ordered it from jessjamesjake on Etsy. It arrived today and I love it, it’s even lovelier in person.



The pattern inside is really lovely. It has that dusty vintage smell but it’s not overpowering. Am very, very pleased with my purchase.

Tessa, of course, prefers the box it came in:

I’m eyeballing all sorts of gorgeous vintage suitcases and things but I really have nowhere to put them. Am still looking for a good train case, though.

3 Thoughts on “hatbox!

  1. That was quick! And that’s a really nice design inside! I know that modern luggage has advantages like wheels, and padding and things, but that’s just lovely.

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