It’s still cold.

It’s still snowing.

The little birds sitting on the back fence seem fairly content and well-fed, though.

I am more or less hibernating.

By “hibernating” I mean that I am wearing fuzzy sweaters when I can get Tessa to stop napping on them, drinking warm beverages, burying myself in research, and writing something that is not yet novel-shaped.

Now Tessa is sitting on the sweater that I’m currently wearing. Joy.

2 Thoughts on “hibernating

  1. Even allowing for some fluffing of feathers in the cold, those birds really are about as rotund as they come.

    I hope you’re enjoying your hibernation. I think you’ve found the best way of spending the winter.

    1. Truly, I am surprised that they do not roll right off the fence.

      I am enjoying it, when I can feel my toes. I hope you’re staying warm, too!

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