• There is an interview with me featuring hostile questions from Daniel Kraus over here on Booklist. (He signed my copy of Rotters “Daniel Kraus loves Erin!” so I don’t know what his problem is now.)
  • Start Here reached its funding goal YAY! Thank you to all who chipped in. Though this means I have to finalize my Neil Gaiman recommendations. Hrm.
  • I have been missing in action from the internet for the last while partially because I spent last weekend in the land of lousy cell phone service known as Cape Cod for my sister’s wedding. Everything was beautiful, even the weather cooperated, and I couldn’t be happier for her and my new brother-in-law. There will possibly be proper photos of me in bright blue chiffon forthcoming but for now here are a few Instagram-captured snippets of the weekend.
  • (Yes, she got married under a striped tent, though the stripes were also blue.)



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