I am all reading & writing & very little arithmetic around here lately, so in lieu of actual blog content, here is a peek at the latest additions to the ever-growing to-read pile:

The Thin Man is my last Hammett novel left to read, sadly, though I have plenty of short stories to crawl into afterward. I’ve never had a literary crush the way I’m crushing on Dashiell Hammett right now. His prose makes my toes curl.

Also, this pile of books is sitting upon my iPad 2 cover. My iPad 2 is still in China, as far as I know. The cover is lovely, though.

2 Thoughts on “reading

  1. Books! iPad 2! Happy things.

    I *so* want an iPad 2! If only Apple were better at having things in stock when they release them…. The online store here is reckoning a 3-4 week backlog. I hope you’ll get yours sooner than that!

    1. I know, I ordered mine the day after they went on sale here, it’s estimated to ship around April 11th or so. I don’t mind a wait, but I do wish it wasn’t quite so long. Trying to be patient! I have lots of books to keep me busy.

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