BEA, the 2012 version

This time Book Expo America was the first book world thing that I’d done before. Last year’s was Baby’s First Book Event, so this year was deja vu all over again. (BEA 2011 was recapped epically here & here. This post will not be as epic.) The weather yet again toyed with me but I […]

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miscellaneous non-BEA nyc things.

Other things I did in NYC that did not involve official BEA responsibilities: I ate a lot of really good food. A lot. My favorite might have been this tiny little South African Wine Bar that my wonderful NYC-dwelling sister put on a list of recommendations for me. I love food on small plates, it […]

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this is a proper post-BEA post. (part II)

Part II of the post-BEA musings. (Part I is here if you missed it.) Wednesday! My first scheduled event was the second of my two interviews, this one held at the Standard Hotel. Diane Keaton walked into the lobby right behind us. She wasn’t wearing shoes. Also, the Standard Hotel has spectacular elevators with video […]

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this is a proper post-BEA post. (part I)

Okay, it’s all starting to feel like a dream but here we go, not sure if I’m going to break this into multiple parts or not just yet. (Yeah, parts. This can be part I.) Monday! I left for NYC. I took a train from freezing rainy Boston to rather warm Manhattan without too much […]

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this is not a proper post-BEA post.

I am back after a whirlwind week in NYC. To say it was amazing would not do it justice. It was phenomenal on several levels. My one regret is that I did not pack sandals, because it was hot. (In my defense, it was freezing and rainy here when I was packing. Also, I seem […]

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this is a pre-BEA post.

First, the very basic facts:   Yes, I am going to be at Book Expo America next week. I will be signing ARCs of THE NIGHT CIRCUS at 3pm on Wednesday the 25th at Random House booth #4420.   Now you know, and I will return to normal, not-bolded font. I will be in NYC […]

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